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The music industry is a trap. The allure of money and fame draws the curious dreamer into the realm of existence designed for the elite class of entertainers.


Seldom do you see the veteran class of survivors recall the road to riches as perfect, pleasant, or even peaceful. The truth is the road is long and hard if it’s great and fast and destructive if it comes early in life. I’m King Ryan E Travis Sr also known as Feezy350. I spent my whole life rapping literally as long as I can remember I could put poetry in motion over instrumentals. At around 13 I put out my first rap tape. Yes rap cassette before CDs came out. Lol I’m getting old. Anyway I had ambition and drive and I had a hard childhood so music was an escape. I remember I had a personal relationship with Lazette Perez at Orlando’s 102jamz from calling in all the time. I just knew I would be heard one day. At 18 I got a phone number from Jennifer a lady friend of mine through my sister in law. She told me to call the number and link up with the guy. He had a baby by Brittany from Mims Florida who was her friend and was a rapper. The artist name was PLIES and he was working on a mixtape shopping a deal which ended at Slip N Slide Records. I called and end up driving from Titusville Florida to Kissimmee to meet DawgMan Ent artist WhiteDawg to get a Protools session for this artist Plies and driving the session on disk to 5th st Miami Beach SlipNSlide Records office and studio. It was a lavish BeachHouse turned into a record label with a fence all the way around. Only in Miami lol. Plies end up meeting with me without paying a dime for my trip and recording music then setting up an appointment for the next week. When I returned for the meeting he sent me to a bogus address in Oplalocka which later became my stomping ground but at the time was just a bad area. And I believe he intended to set me up because the guy he sent me to was on the robbing tip which later became a friend of mine. Regardless I was pissed because he stood me up for no reason. 3 hour drive for nothing. My CANLIFE brother G Money Killed Mandy the night I met Plies the first time Jan 5 2005. My son passed away from SIDS August 28, 2004 and I had pending court cases out of Tampa and Cordelle GA. My baby momma had left with my daughter and step son leaving me with my son that had passed away and the weight was on my shoulders. Yet pure ambition clicked in my soul that night at the gas station as the betrayal of Plies Introduced me to the music industry. I was all in for a long ride unbeknownst to my young mind To be continued ......


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